Sawtooth, during its premier at NYC’s World Maker Faire (lightpost not included)

For this striking and unique modification, we cut and vaulted the ceiling to include clerestory windows for both light and passive solar heating. Reminiscent of classic factory design, this detail gives your cabin an airy feeling and encourages stargazing from bed. The solid backside of the windows house the solar panel system.

Twin sets of double sliding doors on the front of the container beneath the skylight provide easy access and plenty of light, two windows on the back wall bring light into the kitchen and provide cross ventilation. One side wall swings open thanks to the original cargo doors, and the second is solid to receive a lofted sleeping space, bookcases, or more storage.

Our unique process for modifying and welding the shipping container, developed carefully and tested relentlessly, ensures a dry, well-insulated space that will outlast any trailer, prefab, or conventional home.

Virtually maintenance-free, it’s delivered ready for you to furnish, decorate and settle in.

Comes standard charcoal gray, or pick any exterior color you like for no extra charge. Marine grade epoxy coating keeps it virtually maintenance free.

Price: $36,000

Also available as a 40’ cabin: $56,000

Allow 6-8 weeks for fabrication. Shipping and placement available.

Composting toilet and solar show unit sold separately.

Check with local zoning requirements, or request our support.

Design details:

9’x20’x8’ Upcycled container +

Marine grade epoxy coating, four thermal pane low-e windows, R-30 blown-in insulation on walls, ceiling and floor, double sliding glass doors, painted plywood floors, white sheetrock rear and side walls, Hudson valley pine paneled ceiling and front wall sealed with water-soluble urethane.

Wood pellet stove +

Includes all ductwork, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector and spark arrestor, passage for chimney through container will be welded and sealed.

Battery and solar system +

Includes 2x100w 12v panels, brackets, regulator, deep cycle 800 amp battery, control panel, central cabin light, two usb outlets, and 800w inverter. All wiring is included and routed within walls.

Kitchen cabinets and jug-ready sink +

Repurposed husky tool chest, solid butcher block countertop, stainless steel sink bowl, grey water drain system, solid wood holder for 5 gallon water jug