Shipping is straightforward, placement may require some planning. Knowing the location and studying the routes for container delivery requires a little bit of research for our logistics team. Using the basic number below however, you can get a good idea on the pricing for your area.

Handling fee — starting at $750 for a standard height 20’ cabin
Covers loading and unloading the container in an accessible location

Trucking — varies based on distance and destination
Approximately $2-3/mi from Brooklyn, NY 11231

This pricing presumes a site clear of obstruction and an approximate drop location (about +/- 1ft).

If your desired site is more difficult, contact us about having additional placement assistance. We can send a crew with equipment to help get your container exactly where you want it. Plan to send pictures, an aerial map from google and a good description of access to that point including the width of all paths. Pricing will be quoted in advance.